Equipment for sale

Valve Angle Grinding Machine

• Compact and Sturdy, High Precision grinding machine for 4-Stroke, Low & Medium speed Engine valves.
• Electrically operated workshop model.
• Versatile and easy to use.
• Frictionless guide ways and precision feed.
• Preset grinding angles for Common Angles.
• Easily Adjustable stroke length for automatic stroke.
• Self-centering double collet chucking for efficient support during grinding of valves.
• Automated power traverse with easily adjustable stroke.
• Vernier Precision & Fine Adjustments.
• Easy and accurate grinding wheel dressing.

Liner Honing Machine

• For Deglazing & Honing of Slow & Medium speed Diesel engine cylinder liners
• Pneumatically driven and controlled machine.
• Rig type machine suitable for workshop operation.
• Pneumatic assisted honing head for quick and efficient restoration of liner surface and circularity of liner bore.
• Honing stone pressure adjustable from control panel.
• Automatic stroke control reduces operator fatigue and man power requirement.
• Plateau honing

Valve Seat & Pocket Turning Machine

• For Valve seat refacing & valve pocket over sizing of Slow & medium speed Diesel engine Valve seats & pockets.
• Servo drive with operator friendly control panel.
• Machining length and speed can be preset by operator through Keypad numeric input.
• Designed for high accuracy and low process time.
• Easy and accurate angle setting.
• Trucited guide ways to avoid friction and wear.
• Self centering and can be easily adapted to various models of cylinder head and valve cage.
• Control of machine through Programmable Logic Controller.
• Preset dowel for 0°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° angles

Valve Seat Grinding Machine

• For grinding seating areas of Slow & medium speed Diesel engine Valve seats
• Portable and operator friendly machine.
• Pneumatically operated with air cooled grinding operation.
• Automatic feed across seat surface with easy and accurate angle setting.
• Fine angle setting with the turn of a knob.
• Trucited guide ways to avoid friction and wear.
• Self centering and can be easily adapted to various models of cylinder head and valve cage.
• Preset dowel for 0°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° angles.

Valve & Seat Machining / Grinding Machine

• Precision valve and seat re-facing machine for 2 stroke & 4 stroke engine, capable of machining and grinding in a single setting.
• Heavy duty machine capable of re-facing valve and seat directly after rebuilding.
• Auto feed for grinding/machining head helps in obtaining good finish and save time.
• Self centering of valve & seats, easy and accurate angle setting helps in saving time and man power.
• Variable speed and feed for obtaining fine surface finish for different material and conditions.
• Preset dowel locks for standard angles (0°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°)

Liner Landing Area Grinding Machine

• Portable Grinding Machine for Cylinder Liner seating area grinding in Liners and engine blocks.
• Provided with Powerful pneumatic motor & grinder.
• It can be used for Auto-feed grinding or Plunge grinding.
• Provided with Auto-balancing mechanism.
• For achieving excellent surface finish and flatness.

Rotto Lapping Machine

• lapping of mating faces of Injector nozzle, Body head piece, etc.
• Rotary table lapping machine with versatile capability, Suitable for lapping of injector body, barrel, head piece, etc.
• Achieves flat surface for perfect face to face contact.
• Capacity to lap multiple pieces at a time.
• Operator friendly, labour and time saving tool suitable for production and maintenance application.
• Timer controlled operation.
• Conditioning ring can be made to customer requirement.
• It can also be adapted for lapping of components like clutch plate, seals, etc.

Nozzle Pin Lapping Machine

• Lapping of nozzle pins.
• Electrically operated, simple and robust machine.
• perator friendly machine with easily accessible controls.
• Automatic Forward and reverse motion with individual timing adjustments.
• Helps in making fuel injection more efficient by avoiding formation of droplets during fuel injection.
• Fuel injection made more efficient