About Us

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Company "AGA Group" is appear to be a dynamic well developed and prospective organization which present full range of ship repairs and ship modernization procedures.
Engineering building with special equipment (different types of industrial constructed machines), experienced working man power, qualified engineers, use of modern technologies is a good basis to fulfill customer needs with best quality and minimum time terms.
Company "AGA Group" is performing unique and tangled diagnostic work for different ship mechanism. Technique of non rattling method with use of special industrial diagnostic equipment is ensuring most practical approach for needed ship mechanisms repair processes.
Company "AGA Group" is guaranteeing to all it's customers quality standards for all offered services and performed technical assessments. Company's management is oriented for competent decision making. Customer care slogan we follow is "providing more than customer expects, quicker than anticipated". Our company is stands for long term prestige maintenance andimprovement within repair services field we perform in. Provision of best possible service quality is secured by use of advanced technologies and contemporary management approach. Necessary follow up procedure are established within company in order to keep updated appropriate international and national requirements, standards and instructions.